What Patients are Saying

"I love the freedom and flexibility of home testing. I used to worry about traveling in case I needed to go to the lab to get tested. Now I just take my meter and supplies with me!"
– Alex A.

"My mom needs to be on Coumadin, but she doesn't get around very well anymore. So I help her a lot. It was always challenging for me to take time off from work to drive her to the lab for blood tests. Sometimes it would take half a day. Now I just stop by once a week for 5 minutes and help her take the self test at home. It's so convenient...and my mom loves not getting poked with a needle anymore."
– Missy B.

"My husband takes Coumadin and he is always concerned with his levels. He was typically in range each month when we tested, but he feels so much more confident about his situation now because he sees his INR test results each week."
– Gail W.

"I have a busy and active life with a ton of things on my calendar. I don't always have time to make a special trip to the lab. With my own self-testing meter, I can fit INR testing in to my schedule at my convenience."
– Patricia G.

"I've been on Coumadin for years. I was interested in home testing when I first heard about it, but I wasn't sure it was safe. So I asked my doctor and he said if I was motivated and interested in home testing, that it could be a great option for me. The equipment is very accurate and getting weekly results will help keep me in my target range."
– Peggy E.

"I originally tested at the lab and didn't like getting poked with a needle. Then they offered a finger-stick test at my doctor's office. I thought that was great. But now I can do the same finger-stick test myself in my own home! And the people on the phone at Real-Time are very helpful if I ever have questions."
– Calvin P.

"I always get a live person to talk to when I call Real-Time Diagnostics. They are always helpful with my questions and they do a great job keeping my supplies coming when I need them."
– Virginia B.

"If you're thinking about self testing but not sure you can do it, don't worry. It's easy! I found that the fear of getting a drop of blood for the test is worse than actually doing it. It's a real simple process and it hardly hurts at all."
– Linda M.

"My insurance covers weekly self testing and the cost is similar to what I paid when I went to the clinic each month. To be honest, I'd probably be willing to pay more for the convenience, but I glad I don't have to!"
– David K.