Benefits of Self Testing

Self testing your PT/INR level at home has many advantages over testing in a lab or doctor's office.

  • Convenient — You won't need to make a special trip to the doctor's office or lab. There's no need to head outside during bad weather. You can perform the same PT/INR test your doctor would perform in the comfort of your home!
  • Fast and Accurate — It takes about 5 minutes to self test at home. Compare that to driving to the doctor's office or lab!
  • Simple Fingerstick — With self testing at home, you simply provide a small drop of blood from a fingerstick. There's no need to draw blood from a vein.
  • Fewer Medical Complications — Clinical studies have shown more frequent PT/INR testing lowers the risk of serious medical complications like stroke and bleeding.
  • Quick Adjustments — When you self test at home on a weekly basis, your doctor will find out if your PT/INR level is out of the safe range more quickly than if you tested monthly at a lab or office. This means your doctor can make adjustments to your medication — and get you back into the safe range — much more quickly with self testing.
  • Travel Anywhere — Planning a trip south for the winter? Heading north for a long summer vacation? You can self test wherever you go and Real-Time Diagnostics will fax the results to your doctor!