HIPAA Privacy Policy - Understanding Your Protected Health Information

Understanding Your Protected Health Information

When you receive care from a health care provider, a record of that treatment is made. This record will typically contain information on your diagnosis, treatment, and future plan of treatment and is often collectively referred to as your medical record. This medical record includes protected health information, lays the foundation for determining your plan of care and treatment, and allows for a successful means of communication among all healthcare professionals that contribute to your care.

HIPAA protects information found in your medical record from disclosure without your authorization. The information protected by HIPAA includes:

  1. Any information related to your past, present or future physical or mental health,
  2. The past, present or future payment for health services you have received,
  3. The specific care that you have received, are receiving or will receive,
  4. Any information that identifies you as the individual receiving the care, and
  5. Any information that someone could reasonably use to identify you as receiving the care.

This information is referred to as protected health information throughout this Notice.