Why Choose Real-Time Diagnostics?

Real-Time Diagnostics is a trusted name in the growing self-testing field. Here are a few reasons to choose us for PT/INR self testing:

  • Customer service. We're focused on service, which means you'll talk to a real person when you call us. A Real-Time Diagnostics self-testing specialist will be available to support you and your staff. You'll even be able to reach us 24-hours-a-day if needed.
  • We're flexible. We can work with you to customize a PT/INR testing service that works for you and your patients. As an example, we can provide your patients with free, in-home training — or we can help you establish a training program in your office.
  • We're focused on compliance. We'll communicate with your patients on a weekly basis to remind them to test and submit their results to us.
  • Fast Delivery and Training. Once we receive a physician’s prescription, we can usually deliver a self-testing device and train the patient how to use it within 10 business days. When necessary, we can deliver the self-testing device even sooner — sometimes within two days.

  • Our technology. We use self-testing devices that are easy-to-use and highly accurate — providing a 97% correlation to results obtained by a lab or at the point of care.