Benefits to Your Patients

Beyond improved patient outcomes,  patients who self test at home enjoy many other benefits:

  • Convenience — Patients don't need to make a special trip to the doctor's office or lab for INR testing. There's no need for patients to head outside during bad weather. Real-Time Diagnostics even provides free home delivery of PT/INR testing supplies.
  • Fast — It takes about 5 minutes to self test at home.
  • Accurate — Current technology demonstrates up to a 97% correlation between results obtained through self testing and results obtained by a lab or at the point of care.
  • Simple Fingerstick — With self testing at home, patients simply provide a small drop of blood from a fingerstick. There's no need for a venous blood draw.
  • Travel Anywhere — Patients can plan trips and head out of town for extended periods of time. They can self test anywhere and Real-Time Diagnostics will fax the results to your office.
  • Fewer Medical ComplicationsClinical studies, have shown more frequent PT/INR testing lowers the risk of serious medical complications like stroke and bleeding.
  • Quick Adjustments — With weekly self testing, your patients will have peace of mind knowing you will be notified immediately if their INR test results are out of the therapeutic range.